Founded in 2003, MAZUMDER ENTERPRISE has  grown to become one of the specialized industrial  services company in the Bangladesh. With trained,  certified, experienced personnel,
has the capacity and expertise needed  to meet the client’s every service requirement on  time and on budget. From scheduled maintenance  to plant turnarounds

to emergency response. We  are committed to Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost,  Morale and Environment. As a company ourselves,  we understand and remain highly committed to the  quality, consistency, and excellence demanded by  industry-wide standards.

Over the past few years ,ME has been successful in  developing good relationships with elite customers  and manufacturers/suppliers globally. MAZUMDER  ENTERPRISE has supplied materials to some of the  most prestigious Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and  Power projects across the Bangladesh. This success  was achieved due to various factors some of them  being adherence to delivery commitments, offering  competitive pricing, nurturing employee skills and  investments in efficient systems and processes.