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Feasibility Study for Granite Slab Preparation and Enhancement of Stone Production by Expansion of Maddhapara Mine


Maddhapara Granite Mining Company Limited (MGMCL)


Maddhapara, Parbatipur, Dinajpur


Feasibility Study Overview

The Maddhapara Granite Mine is currently the only actively producing crushed stone aggregates mine in Bangladesh. The mine is located in Parbatipur Area of Dinajpur District, Rangpur Division. The mine is 240 km northwest of Dhaka and 28 km southeast of Saidpur, the nearest major centre and regional airport. Through September 2018, the mine has produced more than 4.5 million tonnes (Mt) of granite since commencement of operations in 2007. In fiscal year 2017 the mine produced 760,000 tonnes and will likely exceed 1 Mt of stone production this fiscal year. The design capacity of the current mine is 1.65 million tonnes per year (Mtpy). The main consumers of the crushed stone are Bangladesh Railway, Roads and Highways Department, Water Development Board, Public Works Department LGED etc. as the material is used to construct roads, erosion control on waterways and to manufacture asphalt and concrete for roads, bridges, and buildings. The Feasibility Study is to be carried out on 2.25 km2 (1,500 m x 1,500 m) in the Southeastern part of the mine area. The main objective of the Feasibility Study is to study an expansion of the mining area towards the southeast in relation to the construction of a new mine in order to: (1) produce granite in the form of slabs, and (2) to expand the overall output of crushed granite (aggregate) from the mine complex by an additional 3.30 Mtpa.

In doing so, we’ve done

  • Undertaking detailed geological, geotechnical, and hydro-geological studies of the Project area.
  • Confirming the quality and viability of the granite resources.
  • Determining suitable mining methods to extract granite blocks for finishing into granite slabs (if applicable) and the production of granite aggregate.
  • Determining the economic viability of the proposed Project.
  • Reporting the quantity of granite slab (if applicable) and granite aggregate that can be mined, the life of mine, etc.
  • Developing the mine design and project feasibility, including Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Environment Management  Plan  (EMP), and Economic Assessment.
  • Reporting the Resources and Reserves in accordance with an internationally recognized code (the JORC Code).


Feasibility Study Scope of Work

The Feasibility Study is a multi-faceted program of work. The key stages are:


  • Review available data and design exploration programs.
  • Completion of topographic survey and provision of report.


  • 2-D Seismic Survey.
  • Exploration Drilling and Analysis.
  • Development of Reports:
    • Exploration Report, including drilling data.                      - Geology Report.
    • Resource/Reserve Statement.                                            - Geotechnical Analysis Report.
    • Hydro-geological Study Report.                                          - 2-D Seismic Study Report.

In addition, the following models have been developed:

  • Geological Structure and Volumetric Model, using Vulcan software.


  • Provide the following reports:
    • EIA.
    • EMP.
    • Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (SIA)

                          Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) Plan.

                          Community Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and costs.

  • Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).

Mine Planning

  • Mining Method.
  • Production Schedule
  • Unit Operations.
  • Ventilation
  • Dewatering.
  • Surface Process and Loadout
  • Financial Analysis





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