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Project Name:  Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and Detail Design for Construction of a Railway Link to Sunamganj


Client’s Name:  Bangladesh Railway



  • To carry out the feasibility study for the proposed corridor(s) and suggest alternative routes and to suggest with detailed analysis the most suitable alignment
  • Identify the best possible alternative alignment for the project;
  • Determine    whether   the    project   will    be   technically, economically, financially, environmentally and socially viable;
  • Conduct Detail Topographic and Hydrological survey using latest technology and equipment’s (e.g. RTK- GPS, DGPS, Total Station etc.);
  • Conduct detail traffic survey and collect both primary and secondary data to find out actual demand of transportation facilities in proposed railway link to Sunamganj Corridor;
  • Prepare Initial Environment Examination Report, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Plan &   Environmental Monitoring Plan etc. for the selected route and selected technology option;
  • To assess, in brief, qualitatively and quantitatively the requirement of Resettlement and Rehabilitation;
  • Prepare Land Acquisition Plan and Resettlement Action Plan;


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