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Established in 1998, Mazumder Enterprise is located in the heart of the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh, equipped with highly trained engineers and state of the art technology. Mazumder Enterprise is operating from different offices in the country. Mazumder Enterprise is working relentlessly with strong determination to pursue successful completion of all projects and render a sustainable development of the country’s infrastructure. This makes Mazumder Enterprise a very trustworthy organization at home and abroad in achieving successful completion of major projects. Over the past few years, ME has been successful in developing good relationships with elite customers and manufacturers, suppliers globally. Mazumder Enterprise has supplied materials to some of the most prestigious Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Power projects across the country. This success was achieved due to various factors - some of them being adherence to delivery commitments, offering competitive pricing, nurturing employee skills and investments in efficient systems and processes.

Since 1998

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1270 Employees

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Integrity and business ethics are among our core values.

We believe that long term sustainability is only possible by adhering to strict business integrity and ethics, so transparency and realistic promises is a norm.


We prioritize our clients’ needs

Our services are tailored to specifically meet each clients’ requirements and cater to their exact needs

We aim to create value

We attempt to meet every requirement and beyond – we strive to deliver value.

We create lasting relationships

We make an effort to create long term relationships with each and every one of our clients.

Our mission and vision

Our Mission is to provide holistic and innovative solutions to modern engineering and construction projects. We Strive to deliver the right solutions at the right time and at the right price – facilitated by a precise mix of human, financial and technological resources we have available at Mazumder Enterprise, with services that are designed to cater to specific client needs. We believe in consistently delivering results, so that our projects are a testament to our capabilities, and that our work stands the test of time. Ultimately, we hope our services and projects lead to the betterment and modernization of the country, in terms of infrastructure as well as sustainability We recognize that innovation in infrastructure is one of the crucial drivers of economic growth and development, and to that end, we shall endeavor to expand our business into newer domains in order to attain our vision.  

top management

Our management drives the company towards a bright and sustainable future.

Our management team knows that the key to long term success is people – focusing on building our very own work culture based on keeping promises and integrity and creating lasting relationships both internally and externally is what drives the company towards a brighter future.


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